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BESTOLIFE™ Unveils STINGER™ Water Well and STINGER™ White Water Drilling Compounds

New STINGER® Water Well copper-based drilling compound.                                                                      

DALLAS, Texas – With more than 80 years of innovation and leadership, BESTOLIFE™ Corporation, today unveiled STINGER™ Water Well (, and STINGER™ White Water, a new line of innovative premium compounds designed specifically for Water Well Drillers.

“We have an opportunity to open additional doors and bring our long history of thread compound expertise to additional end users and wider range of drilling applications,” said Jared Elliott, President of BESTOLIFE™ Corporation. “STINGER™ Water Well is an important step toward our goal of expanding our product offerings and helping the rapidly growing water well industry operate more efficiently and profitably.”

STINGER™ Water Well and STINGER™ White Water are high performance thread compounds designed to provide maximum lubrication for ease of sealing, makeup and breakout on any job. These compounds are also designed for water well drilling applications where a superior resistance to wash off and ease of brushability in a wide range of temperatures are desired.

“STINGER™ will be a great new addition to the BESTOLIFE™ product line for customers in the water well drilling industry,” said Tim Sanders, Segment Sales Leader at BESTOLIFE™.  “By providing superior thread protection combined with water wash-out resistance, as well as our track record of service and high performing products, we allow water well drilling contractors to raise the bar on their equipment efficiency.”

STINGER™ Water Well is a high-performance, copper-based compound designed for exceptional performance in water drilling applications. STINGER™ White Water provides the same protective qualities in a non-metallic formula for use in a wide range of temperatures and environmentally sensitive conditions that also washes easily out of clothes.

STINGER™ Water Well compounds provide:

  • Excellent brushability
  • Premium thread protection
  • All-season formula

STINGER™ Water Well delivers the high performance that drillers expect. For more on our products or for information on how to become a distributor, visit

About BESTOLIFE™ Corporation
Since 1932, BESTOLIFE™ ( has led the market for Drilling, Production, and Industrial thread compound applications. We offer a wide range of premium compounds that are proven to extend the life of drilling equipment. These products are formulated to strict standards of quality and performance that meet or exceed industry standards and customer needs.


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