BESTOLIFE® Premium Compounds

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The Lab

Our ongoing commitment to research and development and investment in a new state-of-the-art lab prove that BESTOLIFE® takes product development seriously.

Not only does our lab team continually develop new product innovations, but it also tests samples from every batch we produce to assure our clients of the very best product performance and consistency.

Our team is the best. If a compound gets past what they put it through, 
you can be sure it will work for you.
Today, we have an entire lineup of premium compound formulas, each developed and tested in our lab in response to the ever-changing oil industry needs. Our best selling BESTOLIFE ® Copper Supreme Special Blend, a non-lead, non-zinc compound that is ideal for a wide range of temperatures and conditions, is one such product.
Our lab is a big part of why we are known for top-quality products, outstanding service, and a commitment to:
  • Research and development to formulate new compounds for a changing industry.
  • Compounds that meet or exceed industry standards: ISO, NSF, API, and IADC. 
  • Formulations that comply with environmental regulations worldwide.
  • Working with customers to develop special formulas to meet their specific needs.
  • Products that perform in a variety of climates, conditions, pressures, and temperatures.
Precision and consistency are key to accurate testing.
Our disciplined team delivers time after time.
Replicating the harsh saltwater conditions our compounds will be exposed to 
helps ensure that they will stand up to the real test out in the Gulf.
The torturous torque test is the ultimate test of endurance. 
If our compounds pass in here, they'll work out there.
When it comes to testing quality and durability, our BESTOLIFE® lab team 
scrutinizes everything and leaves nothing to chance.
Right down to the last detail.