BESTOLIFE® Premium Compounds

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The Plant

BESTOLIFE ® Premium Compounds are manufactured in our plant, which has been fine-tuned for maximum quality, efficiency and safety. Our lineup of superior compounds are manufactured under strict standards of quality and performance with a commitment to meet or exceed industry standards and customer needs. 

Manufacturing high performance compounds takes a high performance team, and ours is the best. Our facilities are operated by a team of seasoned, highly skilled professionals who are well versed in the manufacture of premium compounds. They are a primary reason why we consistently deliver the quality that makes us the market leader in compounds for drilling, production and industrial applications.

 Our plant operates under strict quality control and manufacturing standards, and every raw material we use has been batch-tested before we even see it. 

The best materials go in. 


And the best compounds come out.

BESTOLIFE® compounds come in a range of lab-tested and field-proven formulas ranging from copper, zinc, and lead based metallics that can stand up to extremes in pressure and temperature, to metal free compounds formulated to comply with environmental regulations. 

BESTOLIFE® compounds can be used in a variety of applications and tailored to meet specific needs. They are available in a range of container sizes from tubes or small containers with applicator lids to plastic or metal pails in 1, 2, 3.5 and 5 gallon sizes to 55 gallon drums and large bulk containers.

If your conditions change, BESTOLIFE® can develop specially formulated compounds that meet your specific needs. Contact your sales representative for container size availability or your special requirements and our experienced personnel will supply you with the right solution.