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Since 1932, BESTOLIFE® has been the most trusted name in the petroleum industry as a manufacturer of high-performance premium thread compounds for every drilling situation. BESTOLIFE® founder I.H. Grancell created the very first thread compound to combat galling, seizing, and down-hole makeup. Grancell, who made the formula in a dishpan, called his invention BESTOLIFE No. 270® and it quickly became the premier thread compound in the oil patch. In fact, BESTOLIFE No. 270® is still available for purchase today.

Throughout our history, BESTOLIFE® has demonstrated our founder’s spirit of innovation by staying in tune with our customers’ needs and creating specific solutions formulated to withstand the most extreme conditions on earth. Our industry is very different than it was in 1932. But regardless of change, our commitment to our customers has never wavered.


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Today, BESTOLIFE® leads the market for Drilling, ProductionIndustrial and Water Well compound applications. We offer a wide range of premium compounds that are proven to extend the life of drilling equipment. They are formulated and manufactured with our continued commitment to strict standards of quality and performance for developing compounds that meet or exceed industry standards and customer needs.