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Friction Factor

The thread compound friction factor helps determine the correct amount of makeup torque required for rotary-shouldered connections. The makeup torque calculations for rotary-shouldered connections in API 7G were based on lead-based thread compounds, which have a friction factor of 1.0. Many thread compounds manufactured are not lead-based and do not have friction factors equal to 1.0.

To determine the correct amount of makeup torque required for a connection, multiply the friction factor by the required makeup torque for connection specified in API 7G.

For example, the makeup torque for drill pipe with 5½ x 3¼ NC50 tool joints is 21,914 ft-lb. If the friction factor is 1.1, the required torque to makeup the connection is:

21,914 x 1.1 = 24,105 ft-lb.

The same calculation applies when the friction factor is less than 1. In the above example, if the compound has a friction factor of .9, the required torque is:

21,914 x .9 = 19,723 ft-lb.

The friction factor (torque factor) for BESTOLIFE® products is available on the specification sheets.

You may also call your BESTOLIFE® representative for information at 214-631-6070.


Every application has unique characteristics, from the largest project to the smallest. Environmental conditions range from high temperatures to high humidity, from arctic blasts to desert heat. BESTOLIFE® compounds include special additives to accommodate any criteria you require. Whatever your situation, BESTOLIFE® has the solution.

BESTOLIFE® specializes in meeting the specific needs of customers. All of our compounds are available in a variety of container sizes, including plastic pails from one-gallon to five-gallon and metal pails when plastic is unsuitable. For smaller jobs, we offer compounds in tubes or small containers with applicator lids. We also can provide compounds in bulk containers for long-term requirements.

If your application or conditions change, BESTOLIFE® can meet your evolving needs. Contact your BESTOLIFE® sales representative for the latest information about container size availability and compounds for special conditions. Every compound, as our mascot Mr. B reminds us,

"Applies Like Honey. Works Like a Bee."