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Distributor Spotlight - McCarty Equipment

McCarty Equipment has been a loyal distributor for BESTOLIFE® Premium Thread Compounds for 40 years which all started at the Wichita Falls location. McCarty Equipment has 16 locations throughout the US in every major shale play.
Our relationship with McCarty Equipment and their team of professionals has always been strong. Their loyalty and support for BESTOLIFE® has never wavered. McCarty Equipment are loyal distributors and seek new market share to support BESTOLIFE®. It is hard to find a great distributor that is loyal and promotes BESTOLIFE®. We want to thank McCarty Equipment for their support over the past 40 years!
McCarty Equipment has stock of BESTOLIFE® and would be more than happy to answer any questions about BESTOLIFE® Premium Thread Compounds and service.
Please contact Shane Robey in Wichita Falls for further information about BESTOLIFE® Premium Thread Compounds.
Direct 940-723-0894
Mobile 940-636-1837
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