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J.C. Martinez Celebrates 40 Years at BESTOLIFE™

On January 6th, 1977, J.C. Martinez had no way of knowing the journey he was about to begin.  On that auspicious day he began, what has amounted to, a 40 year career with a company he loves working for.   

On Thursday evening, January 12th, 2017, BESTOLIFE™ Corporation celebrated the career of Julius Caesar Martinez with an award dinner to honor his 40th year anniversary. "To be honest, I would rather be back at work" said J.C. with a grin.  "I just love my job and the people I work with.  BESTOLIFE™ is a great place to work and I enjoy getting up and going to work everyday".  

Upon presenting J.C. with his plaque and award, Gary Stufflebeme, BESTOLIFE™ Operations Manager, summed up the career of J.C. this way.. "I wish everyone had the tremendous work ethic that J.C. brings to work everyday.  He is not only a great employee, but a loyal and dedicated family man as well." 

To be clear, J.C. has no intentions of stopping anytime soon!  "My wife likes to travel and see other cities and areas.  For me, I just want to go back to work", laughed J.C.  Which sums it all up! 

On behalf of everyone at BESTOLIFE™ Corporation, congratulations J.C. on 40 wonderful years of service!  We look forward to many more years of working with you!