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BESTOLIFE® rolls out versatile HONEY KOTE drilling compound

DALLAS, Texas – BESTOLIFE® Corporation ( today unveiled its latest innovation in premium copper-based drilling compounds. HONEY KOTE® is specially formulated to provide maximum protection against seizing, galling, and load-bearing stress on drill collars and drill pipes used in the oil and gas industry.

“Providing a product with maximum protection against corrosion and water wash-out allows our customers to increase efficiency on even the toughest and most demanding drilling jobs,” said Sharon White, global sales manager at BESTOLIFE®. “We developed HONEY KOTE to be a highly versatile product that protects drill collars and tool joints under a wide variety of extreme conditions.”

The HONEY KOTE formula resists corrosion, providing an added benefit of long-term storage protection for threaded surfaces in a variety of conditions.  It applies easily in a wide variety of temperatures and working conditions and won’t run off or bleed at high temperatures or harden in storage.

“Drilling conditions are more extreme than ever, and extending the life of equipment under those conditions motivates us to innovate better products,” said Jared Elliott, president of BESTOLIFE® Corporation. “We think HONEY KOTE is an important step toward our goal of developing products that help our customers operate more efficiently and profitably.”

This high temperature compound is formulated and manufactured according to strict standards of quality to assure that it meets or exceeds all International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.  HONEY KOTE is specially formulated to resist water wash-out and corrosion and has been successfully pressure tested up to 25,000 psi.

HONEY KOTE has a new copper ‘look and feel’ and has been designed for maximum efficiency when applying under diverse conditions. It is also positioned to be more cost effective than competitive products.

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Since 1932, BESTOLIFE® has led the market for Drilling, Production, and Industrial compound applications. They offer a wide range of premium compounds that are proven to extend the life of drilling equipment. These products are formulated to strict standards of quality and performance that meet or exceed industry standards and customer needs.